Samsung Smart Tv

  1. Connect your USB to computer.

  2. Open File Explorer on computer. Open This pc folder.

  3. Right click on the USB drive, and choose Properties.

  4. See “File System:” on General tab and chack file system FAT32.

  5. Download the app from

  6. Click Show in folder

  7. Open dowloads folder

  8. Right Click and click extract All

  9. Open Netiptv_Tizen folder

  10. Copy userwidget folder

  11. Open usb root folder.

  12. Paste from root usb folder

  13. Eject usb from your pc

  14. Connect your USB to samsung TV.

  15. Open samsung TV and waiting installation widget

  16. Open apss from samsung TV

  17. Find Net ipTV apps

  18. Press enter key open Net ipTV application